Knife Block Makeover

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Hey all,

Now, I’m not a hashtag person and I have never even made a hashtag but sometimes I think in hashtags and if I were going to apply hashtags to this latest project they would be:



and lastly:


 It all started with Pinterest. (Shocker- I know)

I saw this pin on Pinterest. Here is the photo. (The link is from a dead blog otherwise I’d link to it for proper credit.)


Well, I mean c’mon, how could I NOT do this?

I didn’t want to put this thing in my pretty new kitchen.


I pried that label off the front and went to town.

I sanded it really quickly and painted it with two coats of the kitchen wall color.

And because I am sooooo fancy I added a monogram.

Then I add a quick coat of water based poly for shine.




It’s the simple things, I tell ya.

This makes me smile,

and why yes, that is a new backsplash.

More on that later friends!




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