Say Cheeeese! Making a Photo Gallery

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So here’s my trash to treasure mirror I am so proud of. Read the story of her transformation here.

ikea hack kitchen door 004

The mirror was a nice addition to the wall but I felt it needed a bit more. I don’t have any gallery walls at my house but always loved the look.

The one that I always visualize is Young House Love’s gallery wall in their hallway.

I wanted to create a similar look and use the mirror as the central piece. YHL used all white frames and I love that look but I wanted something more shabby chic-ish for my kitchen.

On a whim at TJ’s I found a bunch of rustic looking frames in the same colors (although more muted) as my kitchen.

To figure out how I wanted to lay out the frames, I traced all the frames on the paper that they were wrapped in and marked where the tabs for hanging were.

ikea hack kitchen door 007

Next, I taped the tracings to the wall and fooled around with the arrangement until I settled on something I liked. In true Suzanne fashion, I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I forgot to take a picture of this step.

I left the paper tracings up, and because I marked where the hanging tabs were, I hammered in all my nails.

Then I pulled all the paper down and hung up my pictures!





picture gallery 004


picture gallery 005


picture gallery 006

I like the way it personalizes the space a little more. A kitchen is about family and the family photos help it feel more cozy.

I thought about doing all and white photos but I’m glad I went with a mix of black and white and color. I also wasn’t sure about having some with mats and some without  mats, but I think that looks okay too. I plan on playing around with the photos and changing them out periodically as well.

I have made a few more changes to the kitchen space that I will share with you soon!



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