Creating Birthday Art

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Hi friends!

Ta- da! Welcome to my made over web page!  She got a makeover and feels so young and hip!

Some of you may have accidentally gotten an email of the draft of this post before it was all dressed and ready to go. So now you’ve seen her in her pajamas. She’s so embarrassed.  Now she’s got a bra on and put her face on so lets pretend that never happened!

So here we go:

I have recently done a quick and easy art project that virtually anyone can do.

Requires no art skill whatsoever. I’ve seen a lot of art projects on Pinterest that incorporate important dates for your family. Here are a few:



I had some ugly art in my family room that I couldn’t get rid of.

( It’s much easier for me to take things out of the trash than it is for me to put things in the trash.)

I bought two  ugga buggas right when we moved to our new home in a frenzy to get things on the wall.

They were in my upstairs bath first but I took them down when I redecorated that room and they made their way downstairs to the family room.

I don’t know what I was thinking. These are totally NMS.


I had wanted to transition to a more blue-green-gray color scheme for the room and wanted to make some art that had each of kids birthdays included. I’m totally peer pressured by Pinterest. Call in Pinterest Peer Pressure or PPP for short.

Or Triple P.

Or P cubed.

The mat and frame were totally fine so I decided to take them apart and see what I could whip up. Like most art purchased at Home Goods, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, these had a brown paper covering on the back. (Sorry I don’t have a picture.) I just ripped that off and was able to access the small squares of art that were glued to a mat.

bday art back

Once I peeled the brown paper off, I had to use a screw driver to peel back the staples. This has to be done carefully because you’ll need to flatten them back to secure the art back into place.

bday art 012

You will not be surprised to know that these were not original pieces of art. Ha!

I covered the existing art with a few different shades turquoise, aqua and green. Just a random mish mosh. That’s the technical term.

bday art paint close up

(Pretend the numbers aren’t there yet. I haven’t gotten to that step. Read on)

Next I went to my computer and printed up a bunch of different number fonts. I then traced those numbers on some green and yellow checkered scrapbook paper I had lying around.

(If you’re a crafty DIY type but not necessarily a scrapbooker, it’s good to grab packs of scrapbooking paper when it’s cheap because It has tons of uses.)

 bday art scrap paper

I then used an exacto to cut out all the numbers. I wanted a cool layout rather than just straight across.

I stuck the paper on while the paint was still wet so I didn’t have to do any glueing.

Then I put them back together!

birthday art diy, scrapbook paper art

Devon’s birthday 1.8.07

bday art pic1

Cormac’s birthday 2.9.10

It  goes pretty well with the other art/colors I’m incorporating in the space and just feels more “me”.

bday art double angle

bday art double straight

If you have ugly art in a nice frame with a nice mat, don’t throw it away! Get your “art on” and swirl some paint!

Have fun!

Until next time!

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