HUGE railing makeover…that NOBODY noticed! Painted Railing Spindles


To all my friends and family, don’t feel bad about the dozens of times you have entered my house without noticing my railing make over….No hard feelings. Painting railing spindles is fun and I loved every minute of so it so it’s not like I was aching for someone to compliment them. Or notice them at all, or even glance at them.

My railing was a run of the mill builder grade, nothing fancy railing. Not terribly ugly. Not terribly attractive either.

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 021

Here are a few more shots of them in all their blandy-blandyness.

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 018

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 023

You may be thinking, my dear bloggy buddies, that I might have an addiction to painting stuff. But before you plan my intervention, check out my sweet new railing spindles!

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 038


sprayframes,curtains,stairs 036

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if painting s&*t is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Here’s one more….

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 035

This project stunk from start to finish. Painting the railing spindles were horrible- four coats on each long round skinny spindles.  Not to mention deglossing, and the top sealer coat. But before that hell, I had to tape each spindle- top and bottom. Stink. Stank. Stunk.

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 024

That said, even though no one noticed, I do love the results. I think they lighten up the whole area. Feels fresher and goes better with my favorite thing about my house- my painted stair risers. I just tell myself they look so great and professionally done, my dear visitors just assume they’ve always been that way. When I get my nose job I am hoping for the same reaction, no one notices exactly what I’ve done but are thinking to themselves, “Has she always looked this good?”

What do you think? One more before and after:

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 022

sprayframes,curtains,stairs 036

Until next time friends!

9 thoughts on “HUGE railing makeover…that NOBODY noticed! Painted Railing Spindles

  1. I did it this summer mom. Kept waiting for everyone to notice, then I fogot about it. Catching up on all the projects I have done but haven’t blogged about!

  2. Looks great, Suzanne! I wouldn’t have ever thought to change the original railing but you’re right, the new one looks perfect with the risers! I don’t know how you get to all those nice-to-haves on your list.

  3. Wow, such an improvement! Don’t you just hate when no one says anything? It happens to me all the time, lol!

    I am actually painting my spindles right now. I already stained the honey oak railing black, and now I have to be careful not to get paint on the underside. I can’t tape off the top of my spindles because it’s pulling the stain off the bottom of the railing, I wonder how long I have to wait for the bottom to cure.

    Anyway, great work, looks beautiful!

  4. Thanks! Do you have pictures of your railing on your blog? What do you think about mixing up the wood tones? I have light honey colored hardwood, would you paint the railings if you were me? I’d love a little input!

  5. This is EXACTLY what I want to do to my railing. Thanks for expressing how difficult it was. I needed that perspective. Lol. Did you have to sand each spindle before painting?

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