Kitchen Update 2015



I’m back from my long trip off the face of the planet and I have so, so, so, so, much to share!!!

When we last left off I was in the midst of my kitchen re-do on a budget. Let me remind you of what my log cabin-I mean kitchen- looked like.

(Or for fun you could just close your eyes and let yourself go back to any kitchen in 1989)



Now, don’t get me wrong. My kitchen wasn’t horrible but it certainly wasn’t going to be anybody’s after picture.

We had already done a few things in the kitchen prior to tackling this major mini-redo. We had the floors done few years ago and I painted the hutch a while back as well.

My kitchen has lots in the “plus” category even before the mini- renovation. First, and most importantly, it’s huge and has lots of light. And I love the look of the cabinets-just not the color. There is also tons of counter space. While I of course would love stainless steel appliances, black would have been my second choice. Since we are doing this on a budget, we are sticking with the black for now and I can totally live with them.

Like I said, the cabinets were actually really nice- I love the beadboard, and they were in great shape. So guess what I did? Painted them! (Surprise suprise) I shared with you all here.

Next, I showed you the formica transformation when we installed the granite. This was almost too much excitement for me to handle (maybe thats why I ran away from the internet for so long).

Lastly, we added a tile backsplash which I really like despite one little curveball. I selected the tile because I loved that the tiles were clear glass and white stone- very simple. I had to stifle a bit of shock when the wall color (blueish green) showed through. I figured the white thin-set mortar would cover the paint color completely.


Lesson learned.

If anyone reading this knows my husband, don’t share this story. I fake smiled my way through this and he’s none the wiser. I have learned to live with it.

(Comment and tell me you love it to make me feel even better about it.)

I also changed out the curtains. I made them the way I usually do (post coming up on that soon), but I wanted a fabric that had a little lilac in to tie in with the subtle purple I see in the countertop. It’s quite possible I am the only person who sees purple in my countertops but whatevs.







Before and After:

kitchen before and after

I don’t really know why I never showed you the finished result. I wish I could say it was because I was off doing something exciting. But….. I wasn’t. Sometimes life just gets in the way of this blog. I spent a lot of time focusing on health and exercise, doing boring projects that aren’t really blog-worthy (repainting rooms and stuff) and living life without worrying about befores and afters.

But that got boring too, so I am back!

Stay tuned!